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Saddle Up! (Hunstville State Park)

L.I.F.E. spent the weekend camping, cooking, hiking, and fishing.  Oh, and riding horses!  The students were instructed on how to behave and move around horses as they were being saddled.  Each student was paired up with a horse and the trail ride began!  Teamwork was essential, and […]

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It’s a Girl’s L.I.F.E.! (Lake Livingston State Park)

Having all girls wasn’t the plan, but that is how it worked out.  We spent the weekend talking about girl things.  The students enjoyed exploring the various trails, swimming area, playground, and nature.  

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I Can Do It! (Stewart Moore Freedom Course in Livingston, TX)

The students and staff gathered at the base of the tower to learn about how and why the Freedom Course came to be.  Each student took their turn to see how high they could climb on the wall.  Safety was the word of the day!  

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Beginning to Camp! (Lake Houston State Park)

The students and staff spent the weekend at the Nature Center, hiking in the woods, making and reading maps and cooking.  We experienced cooking on a stove, a barbeque pit, and an open fire.  

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Building Confidence! (Stewart Moore Freedom Course in Livingston, TX)

The students arrived seeing the Freedom Course for the first time saying “Oh I am not going up THAT”!  By the end of the day the students were saying “I CLIMBED IT, and I want to go again”!  The best first trip ever!    

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