About Us

Purpose – To provide training for people with a visual impairment in the East Texas area to develop their skills relating to the Expanded Core Curriculum (Orientation and Mobility, Independent Living, Recreation and Leisure, Social, Career Education and Planning, Assistive Technology, Sensory Efficiency, Compensatory, and Self-Determination).

Board of Directors

Founder and President: Edwina Wilks, M. Ed CTVI, COMS

Vice President: Kellee Costello, M.Ed. CTVI, COMS

Treasurer: Lisabeth Yeager, CPA

Secretary: Lynne Houk

Publicity: Julie Wilson, M.Ed. CTVI, COMS


Vicki Albrecht – adult with Deaf-Blindness

Anita Bonano – life-long consumer of blind services

Bob Bryant, M. Ed. COMS -retired Professor Stephen F. Austin State University

Dixie Mercer, Ph. D. CTVI- retired Professor Stephen F. Austin State University

Lori Orum MA, LSSP, NCSP – Academic advisor for L. I. F. E.

Frankie Swift,  M.Ed. CTVI retired Professor Stephen F. Austin State University


April – Recreational Skill Builder and Abilities Parade Nacogdoches
June – Social Skill Builder Blueberry Festival Nacogdoches
November – O&M Skill Builder Syrup Festival Henderson
December – Technology Skill Builder Christmas Parade Henderson
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